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PM Modi in MP said- ‘loan waiver by Congress governments is a great example of cheating farmers’

Targeting the Congress, PM Modi said, 'After the formation of the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh, what excuses were told. These farmers of Madhya Pradesh know more than me. Millions of farmers of Rajasthan are also waiting for the debt waiver till date.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi/File photo

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing farmer welfare program in Raisen through video conferencing. PM Modi said, ‘Madhya Pradesh farmers have suffered due to hailstorm, natural disaster in the past. Today, 1600 crore rupees are being sent to the bank accounts of 35 lakh farmers of this program in Madhya Pradesh. There is no broker in between, there is no middleman.”

PM Modi lashed out at Congress

While addressing the farmers, PM Modi lashed out at the Congress. He said, “The debt waiver by the Congress governments is a great example of cheating farmers in our country. When elections were to be held in Madhya Pradesh 2 years ago, loan waiver was promised within 10 days. How many farmers Has his debt forgiven? “

PM Modi said, ‘I want to tell all political parties that you keep your credit with you. I do not want credit. I want ease in the life of the farmer, want prosperity, want modernity in farming. Please trick the farmers and leave them confused. Suddenly, the game of plowing its political land is being played by laying a web of confusion and lies. Farmers are being attacked by placing a gun on the shoulder.

The Prime Minister further said, ‘The Swaminathan Committee report is a great proof of how ruthless the people talking about farmers are. These people kept pressing the recommendations of the Swaminathan Committee for 8 years. The farmers used to agitate, protest but did not shake the stomach water of these people. Whereas our government dedicated to farmers considers farmers as Annadata. We took out the report of the Swaminathan Committee thrown in a pile of files and implemented its recommendations, giving MSP of one and a half times the cost to the farmers.

Special things about PM Modi’s address-

In a rapidly changing global scenario, India’s farmers, in the absence of facilities, become helpless due to lack of modern methods, this situation cannot be accepted. It is already too late. The work which should have been done 25-30 years ago, they are happening now.

India’s agriculture, India’s farmer, can no longer live in backwardness. The modern facility available to the farmers of the big countries of the world, the farmers of India should also get this facility, it cannot be delayed any longer.

There is a lot of discussion about new laws made for farmers in the country since the past. These agricultural reform laws did not come overnight. For the last 20-22 years, every government has discussed it extensively.

In fact, the farmers of the country should ask for answers from those people who first kept writing about these reforms in their manifestos, collecting the votes of the farmers, but did nothing. Only kept on avoiding these demands and the farmer of the country kept waiting.

I will remind the farmers of the country of urea. Remember, how was urea 7-8 years ago? Did the farmers have to stand in queues for urea overnight or not? In many places, there were reports of baton charge on farmers for urea or not?

If the old governments were concerned, around 100 large irrigation projects in the country would not hang for decades. Think, if the dam started building then it is going to be built for twenty five years. If the dam is built, the canals are not built, the canals are not connected, then the canals are not interlinked.

Rs 1600 crore transferred to 35 lakh farmers account

1600 crore rupees has been transferred to the account of 35 lakh farmers of Madhya Pradesh. This was announced by CM Shivraj during a cabinet meeting held on 15 December. This is the money for the loss of crops like soybean, which occurred this year.

This amount is one third of the total payment.
During the Kisan Mahamelan, Kisan Credit Card was distributed to about 2000 cattle rearers and fish farmers. Apart from this, land-worshiping and inauguration of construction works of 75 crore rupees such as godowns, farmer facilitation centers etc. will also be done.

Let me tell you, on the borders of Delhi, farmers continue to protest for the 23rd day today. The farmers are demanding the repeal of the three agricultural laws of the Center. Meanwhile, the BJP decided to organize a meeting to convince the farmers about the agricultural laws.



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