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Home Politics Mangala angadi won Belgavi election, satish jarkiholi suffers heroic defeat in Kundanagari

Mangala angadi won Belgavi election, satish jarkiholi suffers heroic defeat in Kundanagari

Mangala Angadi has finally succeeded in embracing Vijayalakshmi in a momentous turn of events.

Belagavi: BJP candidate Mangala Angadi has laughed at the last moment of the by-election in the Belgaum Lok Sabha constituency. Mangala Angadi has finally succeeded in embracing Vijayalakshmi in a momentous turn of events. Congress candidate satish jarkiholi has suffered a disastrous defeat.

Mangala angadi, who was leading from the 12th round to the 47th round, later suffered a setback. But in the next exciting turn, Mangala angadi took the lead.

After the 77th round, the Satish jarkiholi lead only reached 1620. Shortly thereafter, the gap narrowed. At the last minute, the BJP got 2692 votes. In the 84th round, there were 3101 votes and in the 85th round 3530 votes were taken. In the 87th round, Mangala took the lead with 4081 votes. However, in the 89th round, the gap fell again, with Mangala angadi leading by 2941 votes.

The BJP had given a ticket to Mangala angadi, his wife, to replace former MP late Suresh shopkeeper. Suresh angadi won the last Lok Sabha election by nearly three lakhs. It is believed that a wave of sympathy will play a key role in the by-election after his death. Meanwhile, the case of Ramesh Jarkiholi CD was also heard. For this reason, the election of the Belgaum Lok Sabha constituency was of great interest to everyone.

Snake-ladder game, thrilling tussle

The result of the Belgaum Lok Sabha election was thrilling. Mangala angadi succeeded in making a last laugh in the snake-ladder game. Satish Jarkiholi had taken the lead in the 12th round at Belgaum. But a rapid turnout began to change. Mangala angadi took the lead after 12 rounds of voting.

Mangala angadi’s continued lead up to the 47th round. But from there the results began to fluctuate again. In the 48th round, Satish Jarkiholi began to take the lead again.

In the 58th round, Congress candidate Satish Jarkiholi led with 8976 votes while in the 59th round, Congress secured 8971 votes. In the 61st round, the lead was again reduced. In the 61st round, he maintained a lead of 7947 votes.

In the 63rd round, Congress candidate Satish Jarkiholi again increased his vote margin. In the 63rd round, Satish Jarkiholi was leading by 10,581 votes. In the 72nd round, he secured a lead of 4475 votes.

The result was curious. But in the 80th round, Congress reached 488. But the BJP took the lead in the 83rd round. In the 85th round, Mangala angadi secured a lead of 3530 votes.

Curious for the moment

The outcome of the Belgaum Lok Sabha constituency was intriguing for the moment. Initially, Satish took the lead and then Mangala took the lead. Satish Jarkiholi managed to regain the lead after only a few rounds. But this success took a turn at the last minute. Mangala angadi, who took the lead again, managed to make triumphant laughter.

MES embarrassment for BJP!

Suresh angadi, who was a BJP candidate in the last Lok Sabha elections, won by over 3 lakh votes. But this time it was the MES candidate contesting the BJP’s win. MES candidate Shubham Shelke received over 1 lakh votes. These votes have caused a setback for the BJP.


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