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How will win the war against Corona? Increasing tussle between the central and state governments

The lack of coordination between the central government and many opposition-ruled states is also coming to a standstill during the second wave of Corona. The lack of coordination between these states, especially the opposition-ruled and the Center, has led to a struggle for medical facilities and finding it difficult to work on a holistic policy. This has also led to political conspiracy. It appears that the opposition-ruled states do not want to leave any lapse in encircling the center.

Significantly, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his phone calls. But even before this, many other incidents point to the confrontation. During the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was castigated for broadcasting the meeting live. Kejriwal expressed regret over the objection of the Prime Minister. But the Center and the state did not appear to be on track due to lack of oxygen. The court eventually had to interfere.

A few days ago, Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik accused Uddhav Thackeray of not getting a reply on a phone call allegedly made to the Prime Minister. Apart from this, Congress-ruled states are constantly besieging the Center regarding vaccination.

Prime Minister’s eye on the horrific situation of Corona

Sources say that both the Center and the state are making efforts at their level. The Prime Minister himself is keeping an eye on the situation in view of the horrific situation of Covid. They are constantly holding meetings. But somewhere it seems that attempts are being made to pass the responsibilities on to each other. Not only this, a large number of help from abroad has been called to handle the situation. But the states are also raising questions about the uniform distribution of this help.

Corona crisis also affects the economy

Sources also say that the challenge before the central government is to control the Covid crisis. Because this has severely hampered the country’s health system. Also, this crisis is having an impact on the economy as well. Efforts are being made to overcome the situation with foreign help and ongoing efforts in the country. But it is believed that the central government may have to adopt the overall strategy adopted during the first wave of Covid to build trust in the states.

Experts say that states need the support of the Center to deal with the Covid crisis. States should also not ignore the model and measures suggested by the Center. Because this is a national crisis.


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