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Death-stricken heart attack there are no cardiologists in the District Heart Attack

There has been speculation that coronary deaths are on the rise and that there is a shortage of cardiologists in government hospitals

Coronavirus incidence is increasing in rural areas with increased cardiovascular disease mortality. Most of the deaths are heart attacks. Experts say that coronary artery death is the second most common cause of heart failure.

It is ostensibly confirmed that many deaths are due to lack of cardiovascular treatment. There is no proper treatment for people with heart disease in the district as there are no cardiologists in the district. Coronavirus deaths in Belgaum district have increased to 55 years. Heart disease is common at this age. Also, corona panic is creating a heart problem. There is also a need for a cardiologist in Corona hospitals.

The people of Belgaum district, for many years, have relied on Kolhapur, Sanglian, Maharashtra for cardiovascular treatment. During the Coronation period, Kasagi Hospital and Maharashtra hospitals were not affordable. In the District, patients without a specialist in labor had to struggle. There is no proper treatment for coronary heart disease if coronary artery disease still exists. Private hospitals spend millions on treating corona infections. They are doing the bill. Thus the government hospital for the poor. For the poor in a government hospital without a cardiologist

Super specialty expectation
The super specialty hospital, which is being built in the Belgaum district hospital premises, is expected to be made available by specialists including cardiologists. However, it is said that the construction of the super-specialty hospital will take another six months to complete. Until then, the question of how to take care of heart disease is a question.


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