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Court’s tough comments on the centre over the agricultural law and the farmers ‘ agitation, Know what happened in the court

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The Supreme Court will issue the order on agriculture law on Tuesday and the interim order can be heard by this evening. The court has ordered a committee to resolve the issue, for which Modi has sought names from the government and farmer organizations. On Monday, during the hearing in the Supreme Court on the farmers’ agitation, strongly reprimanded the central government and said that we cannot stop any protest. The court also said that if required, it will issue orders in pieces.

The hearing on this matter was conducted by a bench of Chief Justice SA Bobde, Justice Bopanna and Justice Ram Subrahmanian. Expressing displeasure at the government’s failure to deal with the entire movement and find a solution, the Supreme Court said that we are very disappointed with you. You told us that we are talking. What were you talking about? What kind of negotiation are you doing?

What is government doing: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court said, neither are we hearing any merit of these laws nor on the petition to withdraw or cancel it. Our question is clear to the government, what is it doing? The angry Chief Justice said that this argument would not help the government that any other government had started it. What kind of agreement are you making? How to solve it?

Why don’t you put laws on hold: SC

The Chief Justice further said, we are not saying that you cancel the law. We are hearing a lot of nonsense whether the court should interfere or not. Our aim is to find a solution to the problem. We asked you why don’t you put the law on hold?

During the hearing, the Chief Justice said that we have heard the same from the media and elsewhere that the real problem is the law. During this time, the Solicitor General wanted to speak. But the Chief Justice interrupted them and said, “We do not understand whether you are part of the problem or the solution?”

If you do not hold the law, we will: SC

After this, the Solicitor General said that the law is being implemented in other states of the country. The farmers do not have problems, only the protesters. On this, the Chief Justice said that if other farmers of the country do not have problems then they should call the committee. We are not law experts. The Supreme Court bluntly asked the government whether you are holding the law or not? If not, we will do it.

The Chief Justice said, the situation is getting worse, farmers are committing suicide. There is no water facility. Social distancing is not being followed. I want to ask the farmers organizations why women and old people are in the protest in this cold. Senior citizens are not required to participate in the demonstration. Let me take the risk Tell them that the Chief Justice of India wants them to go home. You make them aware of this.

Farmers organization lawyer reprimanded

The Supreme Court reprimanded AP Singh, the lawyer of the farmers organization, and said that whether you believe it or not, we are the Supreme Court. Chief Justice SA Bobde said that we think that one day something can happen in a peaceful demonstration by looking at the manner in which the agitations (processions, drums, nagaras etc.) are taking place. We do not want anyone injured.

‘Cannot order not to perform’

During the hearing, the Chief Justice said, the court cannot order any citizen or organization not to perform. Yes, it can definitely be said that you perform at this place. The court also remarked that we cannot take our criticism that the court is in favor of farmers or anyone else.

After this, the Chief Justice said to the Center, our intention is to see if we can bring a amicable solution to the problem. That’s why we asked you not to enforce your laws. If you have any sense of responsibility, then you should put them on hold.

Center could not solve the problem: Court

The Chief Justice told the Central Government that we want to say with great sadness that you could not solve the problem. You have made such a law that it is being opposed. People are on strike It is up to you to solve this problem.

The central government opposed the ban on new agricultural laws. The Attorney General said that the law cannot be banned unless the law is against the fundamental rights, the provisions of the Constitution. But there is no mention in any petition that how this law is against the fundamental right, the provisions of the Constitution?

We want to stop violence: SC

After this the Supreme Court said, we are not saying that we will protect anyone who breaks any law. Action should be taken against those who break the law according to the law. We just want to stop violence from happening.

Tractors will not run on Rajpath: Farmers’ Organization

After this, the Attorney General said, on January 26, the farmers will march tractors on Rajpath. Their intention is to interrupt the Republic Day Parade. On this, the advocate for the farmers Dushyant Dave said that this will not happen. No tractor will run on Rajpath.

The Chief Justice said, it is the job of the police to see who will not take entry in Delhi and not the court. We are thinking that we stop the enforcement of the law, instead of stopping the law. Justice Bobde suggested that there will be no ban on the law, there will be a ban on the enforcement of the law.

Indian Farmers Union said – Law in favor of farmers

A twist also appeared during the hearing on the peasant movement. On behalf of Indian Farmers Union, Senior Advocate Narasimhan said that these laws are in the interest of farmers. They are happy with its provisions. We represent most of the farmers in the country. We want the court to listen to them before passing any order.

The court said that your argument will not solve the problem. The Chief Justice said that we just want to provide such an environment in which the problem is resolved. Chief Justice Bobde said, it is our responsibility to protect the rights of the people, what will happen if there is some bloodshed tomorrow.

Salve said – get confidence that a positive solution will come out

Advocate Harish Salve, appearing for Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, said that the court should be assured that a positive solution will come out in the next meeting. Farmers should not get out of the meeting room by turning their chair. The court said that your argument is fine but in this situation it is not valid.

Salve also said that the court should also discuss its constitutional aspects and provisions before banning it. This will be another aspect of the ban, so that the message should not go that the farmers have won in the court. There should be pressure on the government to take them back.


  1. Today’s poor proceedings in the SCI has opened the Pandora box for our
    antinationals. If a much needed law needs to be passed only after getting consent from every concerned person why is the Parliament needed? But,
    to avoid hardships, elected reps are empowered to pass the bills, on behalf of the public, on the floor of the house, after due deliberations in a democracy. How a CJI can overlook this and say GOI is responsible for the strike and THEY should break the dead lock? The SCI should not shirk responsibility of asking the merry-makers to go back to their homes, as they have NOTHING to discuss on fine-tuning the laws, made in their own interest.This, after knowing that the losing politicians dreaming of a KURSI for themselves, have catapulted into this saga between theREAL FARMERS and the GOVT, luxuriously managed by the terror funds from local as well as international enemies, inviting unconnected people including children, women and grand fathers! So, in a way it was freely inviting people from all walks of life to enjoy a strike at Delhi borders. How they failed to realise that this could be a daily affair, one after the other? This is enough to tarnish the name of our judiciary. DOUBT in anybody’s mind? Once a retiring teacher asks his 100 students,”Those who will vote for me in the ensuing elections may raise hands please”. 8 did it! Disappointed he JUDICIOUSLY said, “Sorry, l won’t seek a ticket, as 92 of you are rejecting my candidature”. Very same logic holds good here too. If one lakh can be counted at the Delhi fair there are 10 crores satisfied farmers following the SOP norms of the dangerous pandemic!! Marvellous countrymen. The moot point is FARMER is NOWHERE! It is all hopeless kursi gang. Hope true logic will dawn on the judicial stalwarts, TOMORROW and they will straight away ask the whole lot to go back to their homes. In the meantime the farm laws be implemented and we can wait for the results for (67+) 3 years more. If need be reforms can be effected then…Please do not throw the DEMOCRATIC logic to the winds, thereby ROBBING ALL TO ROBE ONE MISCHIEVOUS YUVRAJ.Thank you.


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